Green River Plantation Knows How to Make
​Your Wedding Day a Spectacular Event

Tea Room in Main House  (Seats up to 25 people)

Weddings  and  Receptions


Here at the Green River Plantation our goal is to provide a complete package of services for your Wedding Day. We offer different locations for the ceremonies and receptions based on the size of each event. The locations: the Front Lawn Outdoor Ceremony Site, the Open Air Pavilion, Tea Room, Drawing Room in the main house, or the Gate house are completely set up for each event. You may choose to upscale any of the locations, but the concept is to have each area completed for you, and then if your budget need allows you to upscale, you may do so. This may mean simply bringing in additional floral items or live music performers, or may be adding an addition to our centerpieces.

Front Lawn - Ceremony Site

Pavilion (Receptions and Weddings)

Tent & Buffet 

The Wedding fee includes many services, and the choice is up to you whether you want to upscale or alter the arrangement. The cost of the wedding fee itself is based on how many guests are attending (this number represents guests only, not the bridal party). The final head count will determine the structure of the wedding and must be finalized no later than 48 hours before the event. If you are having a Saturday event, then the final head count must be called in before Thursday. Wedding fee prices do not include catering services (food), DJ services for receptions, or cost of minister.

The decorations for the ceremony are as follows: Two plant stands are provided, which we supply two live ferns for your event (additional plant stands are available if needed, as well as register stands, unity candle holders, and/or table top portrait easel). On the front lawn Ceremony Site, there is a beautiful setup of white columns decorated with artificial flowers, tool and/or ivy. Many options are available to work in conjunction with your color scheme.

Wedding Director is also included in the pricing. The Director is here the night of rehearsal and the wedding day, and will assist you with any questions you may have. We also supply sound system and someone to play prerecorded music for the rehearsal and the day of the wedding. The ceremony music is started approximately 30 minutes before the service. Changing areas are provided for both the bride and the groom with their attendants.

The Wedding Fee also covers items in the reception areas: all tables and chairs, white table covers and white overlays (colored overlays can be ordered separately), coordinated centerpieces (variety of choices are available), glassware (with the exception of stemware – there is a service fee for those items), flatware, napkins, and set up and clean up of both the ceremony and reception areas. Please note; no live floral items are included in centerpieces by Green River Plantation. If you would like live floral arrangements as centerpieces, please see a list of florists on our recommended vendors list.

What Does the Wedding Fee Cover?

The Wedding Fee covers many different services: rehearsal, the rental of the grounds and facility, which there are multiple locations to choose from, and you may choose two of the locations for the day’s events: The Outside Ceremony Site, The Open Air Pavilion,  The Gate House Facility, The Tea Room, or The Main House Drawing Room. We supply all the chairs for the ceremony and reception areas.

Wedding Fees          
       Up to  10     guests    $1299.00
     10  -   25     guests    $1899.00
     30  -   40     guests    $2999.00
     50  -   60     guests    $3499.00
     75  - 100     guests    $4799.00
     110 - 140     guests    $5999.00
     150 - 175     guests    $7299.00
     185 - 200     guests    $8299.00
     210 - 250     guests    $9599.00

Gate House  (Inside Receptions)

Gate House

​Pavilion Wedding